DIY:: vintage farmhouse kitchen table

this perfectly decorated kitchen is  100% me. easily achieve this look on a dining table of your own by following these 10 simple steps.

all you need
:: old table
:: sand paper
:: white + grey paint
:: painters tape
:: a yard stick
:: furniture stain
:: old chains
:: clear coat

1. sand the entire table.
2. clean the table throughly. using TSP will do the trick.
3. once dry, paint the table white ( may require several coats).
4. tape a checkerboard pattern on the table top, using a yard stick and painters tape.
5. paint alternating squares grey.
6. once having achieved the checkerboard pattern, allow the paint to completely dry.
7. begin distressing the table by beating it with the chains and sanding down all corner and edges that would normally become distressed overtime.
8. in order to not have a starch white table, apply a light stain over the entire table. lightest shade available will do fine.
9. wipe off excess stain and allow 2 days to completely dry.
10. lastly, add  a protective coat.


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