let me try to change your mind on bohemian style

let me start by saying this picture is  not  your literal, straight forward bohemian look. I hope to convert the anti-boho; by explaining how you can achieve a chic bohmeian look that does not include fringe or a headband across the forehead.

i will always prefer to dress bohemian over any other style.  until recently, i  liked to think of myself as someone who did not have one specific style,  a person who can really appreciate many types of fashion and who often wears things completely different from one another.  i for one believe a good stylist will never try to change a persons style but will rather assist in refining their taste as it relates to the way they like to dress.  i would never impose my style on anyone who clearly already has one of their own.

now that i’ve stated my position on styling others and how i don’t want to necessarily change everyone, i encourage you to try dressing more bohemian this fall.

bohemian chic, as you can see above,  does not mean you necessarily need to dress like a tree hugger.

bohemian style as it relates to dressing usually depicts a hippie wearing a long skirt and a tie-dye duffel bag, but as you can see above; you can look very “put together” when you do bohemian correctly. just to be on the same page, sometimes a long skirt and tie-dye  bag is also okay and very stylish, so i say my previous statement for those who are completely opposed to all things boho.

the trick to doing bohemian correctly is knowing  the boho rules. i for one think, if any, i know the components to a bohemian outfit better than any other.

1. flared pants
bohemian looks are synonymous with the 70’s style denim or pant. however, going all the way 70’s might not be for everyone and i don’t know that i necessarily  recommend it. instead, go for a slightly less dramatic flare; something you will wear again if you decide not to follow in the steps of  nicole richie or rachel zoe. the key to the bohemian pant is making sure your shoes are completely covered, and that the pants are practically cleaning the floor.  make sure not to buy pants that are way too long for you, otherwise you might lose the flare during the alterations or have to resort to wearing 9 inch heals all day. i learned this the hard way.

2.long tops
the easiest way to accomplish the bohemian look its to wear an oversized long top or even a short dress over your flared pants.wearing a top over a short dress will also work well if not better. now that we are approaching winter, a long oversized knit sweater will be a perfect .

3.  layer
for me, a long fur vest will only help you achieve the boho look. i cant get enough of fur in the fall.

4. accessories
a pair of hoops, scarf and maybe a long necklace is all you need. for day wear, a great  hat and a pair of “john lenon” inspired  frames, will deem you a genuine bohemian.

5. shoes
since the shoes are covered by the pants, this is one of the few looks  which the shoes could be as raggedy or as comfortable as you want.

so you now you know i love to dress like a hippie and if you didn’t already, now you know how to dress like a more refined version of  one too. knowing the components to putting the look together or “rules”, will allow you to look as hippie or chic as you want.


So, what did you think?

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