Being a “model” is hard!

For as long as I can think back, I’ve felt I don’t photograph well. I never know what face to use or how to “work the camera” and its a fact, that maybe 1 of 30 pictures might look decent. No exaggeration. Of course others always say im crazy, and that im just being over critical, but the reality is that.

So yesterday, I decided to make an  attempt at taking pictures.

Let me say that if I thought I wasn’t photogenic then, I am even more convinced now. My boyfriend; who by the way is a film major, was surprisingly disappointed at how often I blinked my eyes, and did not understand why I made so many awkward faces. I think the line I heard the most was” just don’t look directly at the camera.”

In the end we took a ton of pictures, of which only a few were even worth keeping, but I was able to confirm a few things. For one, my boyfriend is very patient, but more importantly, I realized that I am capable of taking somewhat decent pictures. Maybe if I practice more, I will get the hang of it.

I often go through phases where I overly obsess on something ( in a good way) like cleaning, or decorating my house, starting a new business, and even; being consistent with this blog. I think I am just now beginning a new phase. One more way I can express my creativity.


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