VELVET:: High End vs Trendy

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There’s a true brawl going on inside me! For those of you who did not read my previous post-Velvet Is On My Mind, I am referring to my blogging dilemma; of whether my followers are interested in High-End Designer Fashion or the Trendy & Edgy stuff. And even within High-End, do you prefer the grungy look currently on stage?

Anyone slightly into fashion, or interested in relevance, must have noticed that we have 2 worlds or fashion spinning simultaneously: the designer world and the real world. Usually, we like to think of High-End, Luxury Fashion as the trend setter for the mainstream stuff you see in lower end brands, and this will always be the case to a certain extent.

However, more so now than ever, many of us are not dressing “HIGH-END” and if we are, we are bringing some nastiness to it.

Whether you will admit it or not, generally we are into some crazy stuff right now. I often prefer to look like I just rolled out of bed; of course I really didn’t (most of the time) and actual thought went into my chaos. Still; the hitch hiker look is often the goal. The point is, the messy bun is a trend, the cut of shorts are a trend, crazy platform shoes with spikes are a trend,  the muscle t-shirt with your bra showing and  some tit falling out of the side is a trend; AND I LOVE THIS TREND!!

To kind of hone it all in, I really want to know what ignites a reaction in you? Do you prefer to be the perfect socialite in designer threads head to toe, or are you into all this nasty, sick with it, fashion around us?


One thought on “VELVET:: High End vs Trendy

  1. I’m fully on board with the grunge/goth look – it’s something I’ve been doing for years now! The good thing is that I get to buy all the stuff I like in the shops, but after it’s out of style I’m going to look “so last season”. I’m not really a fashionista but I prefer the high street because it’s more affordable 🙂

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