My Name is Christian Dior

via, wikipedia

The late Christian Dior’s iconic, voluptuous silhouette was not always the automatic success it is today. During the war, as it always is, resources and materials were scarce. The designers of the era had reduced themselves to using very little fabrics and hence a women’s leg was barely ever covered.

So as you can imagine, the criticism came about when Mr Dior introduced to the world his long length, full body skirts, which covered women’s legs and used double or triple the amount of fabric socially accepted in France; during the 1940’s.

Of course this only lasted so long. The war was over and C.D. established Paris as the center of the fashion world.  His original designs will forever influence the House, fashion and the women who wear them.

I am completely mesmerized by these dresses and the energy  provoked by them. The fabrics are absolutely exquisite! Just looking at any one of these, makes me happy. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “My Name is Christian Dior

  1. Esta bella la collecion en cuanto textura y la combinacion de colores que transportan a otra epoca , lastima que es reducido al uso exclusivo de siluetas perfecta , no me imagino con mis caderas usando este tipo de atuendo , pero en general la colleccion me parece exquisita , 😉 muy bien Chris !

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