DIY Holiday Ideas:: Bringing The Outdoors In

What you will need for the branch arrangement
Branches from the park  +  a bucket  +  burlap to cover the bucket

1. Go to a park and look for branches that are already dead and dry. Collect them carefully as to not break too many branches off.
2. Arrange the branches in a bucket to your liking. I recommend you do this in a corner of your house, this way the wall can help hold the branches up.
3. I personally did not need to use any support inside the bucket, but if needed, rocks will do fine.
4. Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, wrap the bucket loosely with burlap, tucking the excess inside the bucket. I did not need to fasten the burlap with anything, but if needed use a hot glue gun.

What you will need for the Vintage Fishing Rod
An old fishing Rod  +  a yard of hemp twine  +  3 plastic Christmas balls

1. Tie the 3  Christmas balls onto the twine spacing them equally as you go.
2. At the end of the twine  make a loop like knot.
3. Hook the loop to the fishing rod.

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