Temperley London || I’m Really Loving Every One Of These Looks

4 Temperley London 7 Temperley London1 Temperley London 2 Temperley London 3 Temperley London  5 Temperley London 6 Temperley London
via style.com Temperley London Pre-Fall 2013

I don’t think I can say this line is 100% my style, but then again, I can’t say any style is 100% my style. Whatever the case, I would wear everyone one of these looks; starting tomorrow.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to answer the common question; What is your style? I truly don’t have an answer or maybe I have too many answers. What I can say with certainty is, generally designers who are inspired by other era’s; are the only ones I genuinely like.

I definitely see some “Oldies” here!

Based on this collection, Temperley London has joined my “watch list”-at least until next season; as you never know with these designers.


3 thoughts on “Temperley London || I’m Really Loving Every One Of These Looks

  1. Muchas Felicidades!

    Que este Nuevo anio este Lleno de muchas Prosperidad ,
    Que Dios la bendiga por ser como es .
    Gracias por todas sus ensenazas y por todo su apoyo y su confianza ,
    No la voy a desfraudar , le voy a hacer honor a esta oportunidad.


    Neda Serrano
    Sent from my IPad .

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