My New Years Resolution

Town and Country Favorite Picture Town and Country Bridge

On The Move
Day Look:
: Mens AllSaints  
Denim Jacket: 1980’s J.Crew
Pants: Zara
Jewelry: Rachel Roy Necklace
Hat: Cotton On

In the few months A Consultants Point of View has been around, I’ve avoided sharing personal pictures of myself and  or “style.” This is mainly because I am very limited in regards to time, and am afraid of not being able to consistently put together quality looks, do a photo shoot, edit the photos, create a post, etc. Beginning to share more outfit posts was one of my New Years Resolution, and to be honest-I’m off to a terrible start.

You must know that this was not a “perfectly” planned outfit, nor did I get dressed in the morning thinking” today I want to take pictures ” it just kind of happened.

These pictures were taken by my boyfriend, at a suburban shopping center in Miami, FL using his iPhone.

I hope this will be the first of many outfit posts to come. Hope you like my improvised look.



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