75% Old 25% New


Sweater: The Limited
Skirt: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Jewelry: Random Find

Yesterday’s Work Outfit Details
My skirt is beyond old! I bought it for like $70 at Barneys in South Beach about 6 years ago. I’ve found the best Marc Jacobs clothes on sales there. About 4 years ago I bought these Ralph Lauren shoes for my baby shower, and I’ve literally worn them 4 times-if that. The Necklace, I found at an Indian store in South Beach-and I must have paid  $5  for it. The Limited sweater, is fairly new-I found it while doing my Christmas shopping in December. I rarely, better yet; NEVER, shop at The Limited. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised at how cute their sweaters are!

Miami International Airport



Today  is officially the first day my workload increases by double. I work for a Luxury Travel Retail Company-Duty Free Americas, and I oversee the operations of  the Luxury Boutiques in my region. This week I will go from having 8 stores and 5 brands to 10 store and 7 brands. The newbies are Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger.

Past the point of construction and the actual building of the store, me and my wonderful team of managers are it! We are scheduled to begin working on the completed store any day now-literally the day could be today
(we are at the mercy of the inspectors), and in 2 hours; I will have my first meeting with Michael Kors. Today will be an extra long day for me!

I kind of wish I would have worn yesterday’s outfit today, because this morning I feel like I have nothing to wear!! Once I post, I’ll have to face my closet.

Hope you like my look

Have a great day!


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