Park Sora Gets Me:: A Much Better Option For Halloween

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For my own personal reasons, I have never been a fan of Halloween. In my opinion, the entire concept of dressing up has turned into an excuse for girls to dress 3/4 naked. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong; naked is great, just don’t act like its your costume.

I do however, and only if I must; like to dress in a Halloween inspired looks using regular clothes.

 I often do black and on black, but this year I must do something more. I have a few Halloween events I need to show face at, and black on-black; is just not going to work. 

So as simple as that, Park Sora’s October shoot has saved me much-needed time. These simple looks can easily and inexpensively be created. And that is exactly what I am going to do!

Computer Edited Fashion:: All You Need to know about Sexy-Sweaters




For those of you who don’t already know this; Sexy-Sweater, are not for sale. That is of course, unless you take it upon yourself to make your own.

ALL over the web, these edited “Sweaters” are a product of marketing geniuses!

At the very least, this fake fashion can be used as some very real inspiration, for some very awesome clothes.

Fake or Not, I think  I ❤ .  What about You?

DIY Pumpkin Planters


As always, my DIY projects are simple and don’t require much time. Great for indoor or outdoor use, these inexpensive craft pumpkins make great planters or vases . Plus, it only took me about 10 minutes to complete.

All you need::  foam pumpkins + a knife to cut out the tops + potted plants or fresh flowers.

I encourage all of you to get in the fall spirit and try making these pumpkin planters for yourselves. All your neighbors will be wondering where you found them. I know mine is.

DIY:: vintage farmhouse kitchen table

this perfectly decorated kitchen is  100% me. easily achieve this look on a dining table of your own by following these 10 simple steps.

all you need
:: old table
:: sand paper
:: white + grey paint
:: painters tape
:: a yard stick
:: furniture stain
:: old chains
:: clear coat

1. sand the entire table.
2. clean the table throughly. using TSP will do the trick.
3. once dry, paint the table white ( may require several coats).
4. tape a checkerboard pattern on the table top, using a yard stick and painters tape.
5. paint alternating squares grey.
6. once having achieved the checkerboard pattern, allow the paint to completely dry.
7. begin distressing the table by beating it with the chains and sanding down all corner and edges that would normally become distressed overtime.
8. in order to not have a starch white table, apply a light stain over the entire table. lightest shade available will do fine.
9. wipe off excess stain and allow 2 days to completely dry.
10. lastly, add  a protective coat.

DIY decal pumpkins for fall

this fall project-courtesy of country living, is super easy! you can either use them indoor on a mantel or dining table or outdoors on your porch. i personally love the butterfly theme, but you can definitely customize the pumpkins to fit  your style.  they’re a vast assortment of decals available online .

all you need:: 
  pumpkins + white spray paint + adhesive decals + spray clear coat

let me know what you think.

DIY:: frame your craft

this idea is a great way to incorporate items you love or identify you as an artist; in your home. all you need is a frame +  your item of choice.

my suggestions
::  old vintage camera
::  your favorite book
::  binoculars
::  old violin
::  baseball glove

let me know what you think.

DIY mood board wall

designing a unique “mood board” on a wall in your home, will add character and originality to your  living space. make it your own by incorporating pictures of your friends/family, artwork and just about anything that inspires you.

here are some material ideas
:: high quality  printed paper
:: fabric swatches
:: lace
:: tassels
:: charms
:: wood
:: tulle
:: photography
:: old book pages
:: dry flowers
:: art prints
:: music note pages