Velvet Is On My Mind

Carven via

As we get deeper into Fall, I can say it’s nearly acceptable for me to bring out the velvet. A trend we’ve been seeing up and down the runway this season, has recently made its debut in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve truly always loved velvet, I just kind of pushed it aside until now.  You have to keep in mind that I live in Miami, FL and I can’t just throw it on whenever I feel like it. I mean, I could, but it’s 80º outside.

You’ve seen many types of velvets this this Fall, such as those by  Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Lavin, Rachel Zoe. . . .But I must say these clean and simple looks by Carven make velvet look timeless. In comparison to, in example;  Emporio Armnai, who used velvet in a much more complicated way, the looks above will be in today as well as tomorrow. Who knows, you might get 12 months out of one of these .

If you’re not an experienced fashion risk taker I suggest you take this route in terms of what velvet you should buy into. Making something look good is about carrying it with confidence. Velvet is often dramatic in itself, so toning it down with a classic silhouette  is a good idea.

Now for the biggest dilemma of my week – I’m completely  torn on whether my readers prefer to read about High Fashion or are they more interested in Trendy & Edgy? So My solution is the following, I will show you both aspects of fashion; the $50 way and the $3000 way.

Look out  for my next post, where I will discuss a different side of velvet.

2013 Trend:: Look Super Sexy Without Showing Everything

top to bottom:L’Wren Scott ss2013, Jenni Kayne ss2013, Victoria Beckham ss2013

I must admit, that I too have fallen victim to wearing the super sexy dress, that was just plain inappropriate! I think many times women get caught  up in trying to look a certain way for the boys, that we leave some of our classiness at home. In my opinion a women does not need to pull all the tricks out of the bag at once. Stay focused on showing a certain part of your body and work your entire outfit based on what you choose to accentuate. We live, we learn, and learn some more

I love short ! Just not the short, tube top and  9in heel combo.

The knee to calf length dresses shown above, are a huge trend for 2013 and in my opinion; brilliant. By simply incorporating a longer length skirt and unexposed neck, these VERY tight, body contouring dresses; have managed  to make the women wearing them look sexy yet sophisticated. All classiness included.

What do you all think?

love this look for the office, depending on the office

i think everyone should be able to wear something like this to work. that is of course depending on where you work. in many cases it would be more appropriate if the slit were not so high. for those of you that can who can get away with it, this look  by  Jenni Kayne will have you feeling like the best dressed all day.

i’m in love with Burberry Prorsum








i am infatuated with burberry! fall, winter, spring, summer; it doesn’t matter. the color pallets used this fall are so easy to wear and the pieces designed offer so much versatility. you can literally wear most if not all  of these items during the day; using a t-shirt as seen above, or during the night, by simply changing into a more elegant top. i can go on and on about how much i love this collection. what do you think?