DIY:: How I decorate with books


I am Mad about books; especially old ones!  Here are some ideas you can copy from me.

Tips for decorating with books::
:: The best place to find old books is in garage sales and second-hand stores.
:: Pick books with covers that match your rooms decor.
:: A unique way to decorate a lonely corner in your house, is by stacking books 1/4 up the wall.

Do you like my living  room?

Simple shabby chic decor

I absolutely love the simplicity of this room and the canopy bed is amazing!

Typically, shabby chic rooms are much more designed. However, in this case; I feel this room is tastefully minimal and perfect as it is.

What do you think?

DIY:: book page wall paper

i personally love to use old books in my home decor and found this DIY project to be brilliant! regardless if you decide to do an entire room or just an accent wall, accomplishing this look  is very easy to do.

you will need::
plenty of old books + wall paper paste +  a credit card to smooth out the air bubbles

DIY:: frame your craft

this idea is a great way to incorporate items you love or identify you as an artist; in your home. all you need is a frame +  your item of choice.

my suggestions
::  old vintage camera
::  your favorite book
::  binoculars
::  old violin
::  baseball glove

let me know what you think.

DIY mood board wall

designing a unique “mood board” on a wall in your home, will add character and originality to your  living space. make it your own by incorporating pictures of your friends/family, artwork and just about anything that inspires you.

here are some material ideas
:: high quality  printed paper
:: fabric swatches
:: lace
:: tassels
:: charms
:: wood
:: tulle
:: photography
:: old book pages
:: dry flowers
:: art prints
:: music note pages

DIY farmhouse rope vases

if you think a little texture is missing from your living space; try these rope vases. they are so simple to create  and making it your own, is just a matter of  changing the width or tone of the rope.

please let me know if you think this project is worth doing.

all you need
coffee can + jar + rope + a little hot glue + your favorite fresh flowers.