2013 Trend:: Look Super Sexy Without Showing Everything

top to bottom:L’Wren Scott ss2013, Jenni Kayne ss2013, Victoria Beckham ss2013

I must admit, that I too have fallen victim to wearing the super sexy dress, that was just plain inappropriate! I think many times women get caught  up in trying to look a certain way for the boys, that we leave some of our classiness at home. In my opinion a women does not need to pull all the tricks out of the bag at once. Stay focused on showing a certain part of your body and work your entire outfit based on what you choose to accentuate. We live, we learn, and learn some more

I love short ! Just not the short, tube top and  9in heel combo.

The knee to calf length dresses shown above, are a huge trend for 2013 and in my opinion; brilliant. By simply incorporating a longer length skirt and unexposed neck, these VERY tight, body contouring dresses; have managed  to make the women wearing them look sexy yet sophisticated. All classiness included.

What do you all think?


So, what did you think?

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